Every new day brings life.


So, it’s a new year. Wehey!

That means it’s that time of year again where everyone re-evaluates their life, their bodies, their values, and their aims. Determination floods the earth on the 1st January, “I will be a better me”. There’s a new lease of life and freshness and it’s great! It’s a fantastic thing, people actually take the time to look at themselves and see how they can improve, how they can live their lives in the best possible way. Unfortunately, more often than not, a month in, or even a few hours in, routine hits and we are quick to forget the determination and excitement we were holding on so tightly to.

This new lease of life, this new start, this determination shouldn’t be limited to one day. It shouldn’t simply exist on the first day of the year, but it should be remembered for the other 364 days we live each year. Every morning we wake up with breath in our lungs and a new day starts. Every day has the potential to be the start of something great. All we simply have to do is start. It doesn’t matter when, where or how. Life to too short to wait for the new year to come around.  If we see a change that needs to be made, make it. If we want something, go get it. If we want excitement, then take risks.

Living isn’t limited to the 1st of January. So why live like it is? Why not go and enjoy and live, today.




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