The greatness of the outdoors

So I’ve been back from camping with my youth for 2 days now and I haven’t left the house once. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m tired or if I’m saddened by the fact I’m not there anymore.

The basic life of camping is something that I just love, the simplicity of having only the things you need plus maybe one or two indulgences. Like a phone, a camera or a boat. I was fortunate to have the most perfect view from my tent of Lake Bala in Wales. Surrounded by lots of people that I love.

Being from a family of three; myself, mum and dad. When I get the chance of being in a larger community I just soak up every second. There’s just something special about just being with other humans where you share a time and you just enjoy. Yes I enjoy being by myself, with my own thoughts etc. but I like to have the choice. I like to be by myself with people just in the near distance.

I miss people, when I come back from something where I’m surrounded by community.

Camping is just such a wonderful thing. People, community, simplicity, the walks, the lakes, the swimming, the fun, the team work. The basic things in life that are lost in this hyped up society that is fixated on ‘entertainment’.






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