My adventure hasn’t ended. It’s just changed.

Well, I have been absolutely terrible when it has come to keeping people updated these past few months. Party because I was busy, partly because I struggle to just sit and write. But mostly because I didn’t want to leave, I didn’t want to come home. And anything that reminded me of the fact I was coming home I just pushed it away.

But, it has happened. I have arrived back in the UK after living in the Philippines for 8 months and of course I am welcomed back with rain and very cold weather. One adventure has come to an end and another one has begun. The adventure of taking what I have learned from my time away and learning how to use it here. The adventure of finding a new purpose, the adventure of finding a way to fit back in. The adventure that is life. It is a difficult thing coming from the mission field and then having nothing to do except sit in front of the t.v for hours on end. I just can not do that.

There’s so many things that I miss already, even though it has only been 6 days. The noise, the heat, the places, the transport, the culture, the food, the people. Every day is a completely different kind of battle compared to what I have been living. Going from the sound of kids constantly running round, people singing, construction and very loud traffic. To then be welcomed back by just the sound of birds, is only one of the many adjustments that I am having to face.

I am feeling better about being back here, but it is difficult because its like I have left one home and family to be with another. But I’m just going to have to learn to rely on God in a different way that have been doing, learn to trust in God and just allow him to guide me in new ways. I pray that I will keep the lessons I have learned, I will realise more and more about the lessons given to me. But I will put these into practice to help me here. Just because I’m not 7000 miles away anymore does not mean God will use me any less.

My adventure hasn’t ended, its just changed.


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