I miss being able to wear my hiar down.

So it’s been quite a few days since I was able to or just have thought  to post again and I can’t actually think of much that has happened in these past days.

I was ill, a week ago today, I suddenly had a high fever then last Friday I wasn’t really able to eat because I felt sick. Saturday I did feel better so I went out as a bunch of the guys went swimming – I didn’t swim cause I knew I wasn’t up fro it but I went for the social side of things. To get there we got a jifney or something like that (like a bus but smaller), that was cool – no sorry, it was HOT cause you squeeze as many people in as you can. Haha sorry … just being funny. The place where the swimming pools were was absolutely beautiful! In the forest, surrounded  by trees. I can’t wait to go back and actually swim there! But other than the swimming pool of course with it being the Philippines there was LOTS of food and KARAOKE. But once I had eaten a lot of the food I felt so ill! Therefore Sunday was not really a real day as I just rested all day, I didn’t leave my room really. However it worked seeing as after I rested that day I have gotten better and better and I am not back to normal 🙂

Monday was quite a nice day, as it will be one of the days that I am doing the Youth Centre some of the kids just wanted to come so I just played with them for a little while. Then in the afternoon/evening the bunch from ‘connected’ (that’s what the young professionals group is called I think) went bowling. It was girls vs boys and some of them had never been bowling before, us girls were convinced we were going to win and of course we did ….. nt :/ yes we lost. However we played with no sides and that was the first time I had played like that and I got 114 point. So I was very impressed with myself and everyone else. They all did very well for never going before. After that we ate – I was really craving a McDonalds and even though I had just gotten better, I had to have one! The food here is different but it was still good enough to fill my craving….. you can have rice with your McDonalds or KFC instead of chips here, I found that strange! :L But they do eat rice with EVERYTHING here, even breakfast. So that was a good day.

Well, tomorrow is the Foundation day for CGA and so there is going to be all sorts going on and it has been super busy these past two days preparing for that and some educational inspector people came today so everything had to be sorted for them also!

I was so happy yesterday when I went out to buy some crisps cause I really really wanted some and there were Doritos – Smokin’ BBQ and they were sooooo good!

Anyways, that’s it for now. I’ll post about tomorrow sometime because its going to be so much fun – and the kids are just so cute which makes it better.

Love to you, from me, from the Philippines.



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