Mixed days

So yesterday I had a quite high fever but it came and went through out the day – it was like 39 something? And apparently that is high haha. When I woke up that morning I was fine, ready to talk to my ‘team’ who will be helping me with the student centre, I had two meetings as some of the kids had to go to school in the morning and some in the afternoon. (In my previous blog I mentioned how here there are 3 times that people go to school however not with CGA, we just have morning and afternoon classes – no evening ones). My meeting went well with the morning group, they helped me understand a lot of what kind of thing it was – however the main section that they like (which was done before) is English lessons. However I don’t feel that I can do this, at least not yet, as I don’t know enough Tagalog to be able to translate. But I will have to see what I can do. I then had to go rest as that is when my fever started although it was not as high at that point. After I rested I came for my second meeting with the kids in the afternoon. They said similar things and also really wanted English lessons – oh no haha. With both groups I taught them how to play hangman as a kind of English lesson, and also I did the game where you fold a piece of paper into 5 sections and you draw the head then pass it, draw the neck and shoulders then pass it etc. They really likes both of these games. I also did Ninja Strike with the afternoon group haha, it was funny.

After I had finished with the afternoon’s meeting. I went to two of their homes – this is where my fever came back and it got quite high so once I came back to CGA I had to rest and sleep, I did so until dinner time where we had a party – lots of food and of course karaoke – saying welcome to me and Luke. It was really good food, and the fruit was delicious! I went to bed earlier though because of my fever – I had been naughty nights before and going to bed at like 12, which doesn’t sound too late to you probably back home. But to get up at 6.45 and only have 6 hours and 45 minutes of sleep and then a full day is REALLY difficult here haha. Maybe I should only leave the late nights to Monday nights where I can sleep on my day off -Tuesday.


Then today when I woke up, my fever had gone! And I was able to help out at CGA this morning – it’s fun Friday and they have a theme every Friday where they dress up for certain things – today was Insect day as this month they are learning about animals. Some of the costumes were amazing! The day consists of games, crafts, story’s and songs etc. And its only a half day. Each week they have a best costume boy and girl for each year and other certificates.

Although I woke up today without a fever I have been feeling quite sick on and off and I haven’t really eaten anything today because if I do eat I feel like I will throw it back up. So at lunch I had to leave the table and rest for like 3 hours. I believe that God will take away this sick feeling just as quick as he took away me fever but your prayers will be very much appreciated as I really don’t want to have to rest half way through the day again. I’m ready to not feel sick, not feel tired and not feel too hot – the fever kind of hot. It’s not how I exactly wanted to feel on my first week as today marks one week of being here – It already feels so much longer but I think that is a good thing as it means I feel like I kind of belong and fit in a bit more now. And I will even more, once I stop having to go to bed because I’m feeling sick!


Anyways – your prayers are very much appreciated; for me not to feel sick anymore and my health being in tip top condition (haha tip top – how very British of me). Still for the language barrier – I am learning; face – Mukah, eyes – mata, nose -ilong, mouth – bibig, lips – labi and ears – tenga or tegna ahah don’t know which one. but these don’t really help me with speaking to the kids :P.

Love to you, from me, from the Philippines.


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