Day 3

So today (Monday, even though it is now Tuesday for me) it was an early start with being up and dressed and ready for 7.30am with devotions lead by Lynette which was very good. After that I went with two of the teachers to the ‘Kinder’ class, where they were learning addition, English alphabet, animals and there were also a few really good songs with actions. After their school had finished – you have different years in the morning than in the evening. Here there are even three sets and some kids don’t get out till like 6-7pm but they started much later. This is simply because of how many children there are. So after it finished, I took a tricycle, like a motorbike/scooter with a attachment on the side where you can sit, to one home of two children who come to CGA. This was quite into the hills, the mother told me how sometimes when it is a storm the roof will fly off, it was really eye opening to see how most of the kids here live. But it also blessed me as people who have little still gave us 3 coconuts for the water – which it was delicious.

Once I came back, by tricycle, I had my lunch which was prepared for me, the fried chicken is AMAZING and once I had finished that I sat in on the last part of one of Lynette’s phonics class for the mothers of the children here – this helped me as it gave me a few more words too learn! But now I have so many haha. For the afternoon it was very chilled and full of laughter, with me and Genesis trying to sing ‘head shoulders knees and toes’ in Tagalog.

In the evening, normally the Young Professionals group – the older youth and the ones that are working. However we were all kindly invited over to someone from the church’s house as they were celebrating her birthday! This consisted of food and karaoke, and with karaoke comes dancing. This was a so fun! And it was great to just have a laugh – one thing I can say about Filipino’s is that they certainly know how to laugh and have a good time!

Just to let you know, there are ants EVERYWHERE, and I am getting bitten quite a bit now – not so much on the first day. But the itching isn’t too bad and soon passes. 

Tomorrow I am having a meeting with Pastor Glenn to talk about me re-opening the Student center which was stopped when the lady from England, who ran it, and stayed for 6 months left for home. Apparently this was very successful but I am looking forward too hear how she ran it and thinking of idea’s on how I can run it, and doing what God wants me too do with the group. – So please pray for me and this group, that I will have the knowledge of how to run it and develop it etc. And also continue to pray about me learning Tagalog 🙂

Love sent to you, from me, in the Philippines.


One Reply to “Day 3”

  1. Love the chicken run vid on YouTube & hearing that you are having fun. Pleased too, to hear from your Mum, that you will be getting a living companion :-D. What a privilege to have a free hand with the Student Centre group – I’m sure you will do amazing things for God there.
    Always in my thoughts & prayers Cxxx

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